Are there open source versions of Terracotta products?

Yes, Terracotta open source projects include Ehcache, Terracotta Server, and Quartz. See the Open Source section for more info and links. An open source version of Terracotta DB is also in the pipeline.

Do you offer free trials for commercial products?

You can download instant free trials for the full commercial versions of Terracotta DB and BigMemory. See the Downloads section.

What restrictions are there on trial versions?

We offer the fully functional trial versions, restricted only to a limit of 50GB in-memory storage and a 90-day trial period.

Do I need a license key for trials?

Yes, a license key is provided along with installation instructions for trial versions.

What is the difference between Terracotta DB and BigMemory?

Terracotta DB is the next evolution of Software AG’s In-Memory Data Management solution that adds new storage and compute capabilities (TCStore API) to our longstanding in-memory technology (Ehcache API) to provide a single platform that addresses both operational and analytical processing requirements.

BigMemory implements the Ehcache 2 standard and provides distributed in-memory data while Terracotta DB adheres to the newer, faster Ehcache 3 specification and fully supports javax.cache API (JSR-107).

Why does Terracotta DB provide two separate APIs rather than just all features in one?

There are two distinct APIs in Terracotta DB, Ehcache and TCStore, which separate data management capabilities into specific use cases to help simplify development.

Can I migrate from BigMemory to Terracotta DB?

BigMemory and Terracotta DB are two different products but you can leverage your existing BigMemory investment to Terracotta DB for cache use cases with only minimal changes. Note, however, that operational storage and compute use cases that utilize the new TCStore API will require some data modeling and implementation effort.

Where can I find details of your latest customer stories and industry solutions?

These can be found on the corporate site – www.softwareag.com

Where can I find blog posts from the old site?

The most useful historic articles will be migrated over. This process will start shortly.

Where can I find the T&C’s for your products?

Terms and Conditions for all Software AG products are available here.