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Gladstone Technology Preview

Thank you for your interest in Gladstone Technology Preview. The Preview has ended and the enhancements are included in the new BigMemory 3.7 release.

BigMemory 3.7 Now Available

New enhancements include:

  • Massive Scale. Terracotta has increased the capacity of BigMemory by a factor of 10. With BigMemory 3.7, customers can fully utilize all the memory (RAM) in terabyte servers, and linearly add servers as needed, to deploy massive in-memory Big Data solutions.
  • Improved In-Memory Search Performance. Search is a critical capability in Terracotta’s big data deployments. With BigMemory 3.7, data is indexed without significant overhead, empowering users to conduct fast searches with predictable low latencies across terabytes of in-memory data. All Ehcache search features are now available for BigMemory in standalone mode, along with enhanced features like "GroupBy”.
  • Out-of-the-Box Security. BigMemory 3.7 provides out-of-the-box security integration with transport level security via SSL and heightened security access for monitoring and managing deployments. All communications between Terracotta platform components can now be secured using SSL. All endpoints that are required to manage Terracotta deployments are secured and ensure secure propagation of user identity.
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