Licensing Overview

Open Source Version / Terracotta Public License

The Terracotta Public License (we’ll call it the “TPL”) is based on the Mozilla Public License, (we’ll call it the “MPL”), with a few modifications to make it specific to Terracotta, including an attribution clause. The TPL gives you the freedom to use Terracotta, modify its source code, and distribute it for free. TPL 2.0 is based upon MPL 2.0 and TPL 1.0 is based upon MPL 1.1.

If you distribute Terracotta, or software that you built with Terracotta, the attribution clause requires you to display the words “Powered by Terracotta” in your user interfaces. To “distribute” means to give or sell software that includes Terracotta code to someone outside of your company or organization. Keep in mind that the attribution clause doesn’t apply to most end users of Terracotta. If you’re using Terracotta, but not distributing it, then you don’t need to display the attribution.

Software AG, the parent company of Terracotta, Inc., has both issued patents and outstanding applications covering the Terracotta Server Open Source Kit. The TPL 2.0 license covers the following listed patents and patent applications, along with any other patent or application covering the Terracotta Server Open Source Kit and Terracotta Offheap Library that is owned by Software AG.

  • US 7,716,377 B2
  • US 8,832,674 B2
  • US 2014/0351549 A1
  • US 14/333,740

Commercial Version / Terracotta Enterprise License

Terracotta support subscriptions are covered by the Terracotta Enterprise License, which offers warranty and indemnification assurances and removes the attribution clause that appears in our open source license. For more information on the Terracotta Enterprise License, please contact [email protected].