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Ehcache can provide large-scale distributed caching capabilities when used in conjunction with the Terracotta Server.

Ehcache 3 Onwards

Click here to go to the latest Ehcache open source project, where you will be able to find downloads including the Terracotta Server.

Ehcache »


Ehcache 1 and 2

Click here to go to the repository for Ehcache 2 and older versions. See the Terracotta Server 4.x section below for a download that includes Ehcache 2.x and Terracotta Server.



Click here to go to the Quartz open source project.

Quartz »

Terracotta Server Open Source Kit

Terracotta Server 5.x Onwards

Click here to go to the latest Terracotta Server open source project.

GitHub »

Pre-built package including the TC Server 5.x and clustering-enabled Ehcache 3.x API are available at the Ehcache Project


Terracotta Server 4.x and Older

The Terracotta 4.x OSS offering includes the following:

  • Ehcache 2.x compatibility
  • Distributed In-Memory Data Management with fault-tolerance via Terracotta Server (1 stripe – active with optional mirror)
  • In memory off-heap storage – take advantage of all the RAM in your server

Download pre-built Terracotta 4.x package »


Source Code

The source code for versions up to and including Terracotta 4.x is available for anonymous access on subversion. This includes everything in the source distribution, and everything that is used to build the binary distribution.

Anonymous Access to Subversion
svn checkout terracotta



Ehcache 2, Ehcache 3 and Quartz are licensed under the Apache Public License 2.0. Many portions of Terracotta Server source code are also licensed under APL 2.0.

Some portions of the Terracotta Server source code are licensed under the Terracotta Public License, which is based upon the Mozilla Public License with small modifications. More information about it can be found in the following sub-section.

Terracotta Public License

Please see the following resources relating to public use and licensing of Terracotta Server Open Source code:


Contributing to the Terracotta Server project

Ways to contribute
Contributing doesn’t always mean having code repository commit access. In fact, some of the best open source contributors never have commit access. In order for the project to be successful, we rely on help in many areas including:

  • Feature submissions (ideas or code)
  • Submitting bug reports (with patches!)
  • Writing documentation (esp. based on common issues in the forums)
  • Helping others in the forums

Authorship record of code modules and/or documentation is also maintained to give credit where credit is due.
Submitting Code or Docs Contributions

Have you built a great new feature or documentation improvement? Drop us a note in the forums or file a feature enhancement request in our issue tracker and let us know about it. We gladly, and regularly accept contributions. Contributor’s are given credit for their work, though they must be willing (for licensing purposes) to release copyright of the work. A Contributor Agreement document must be filled-out and sent to Terracotta – indicating that you assign the copyright of the work to the Terracotta project. This document only needs to be filled out once per contributor – not once for each contribution.

Becoming a developer with direct commit rights is on an invite-only basis. The project leaders look for people who have submitted bug reports (with patches), helped out with writing documentation, stay active in the community forums, or make code contributions. In addition to all these, developers must demonstrate a strong desire to see the project be successful. This is typically done by staying in touch with the project leaders, following up on reported bugs, and generally offering assistance.