Terracotta – New product launched

I’m excited to announce that Software AG has just launched Terracotta, a major new release that brings significant new capabilities to its In-Memory Data Management platform. It is a highly scalable, low latency, distributed In-Memory data store. It sets a new standard in its class by offering an already proven and widely used Ehcache API for all the caching needs alongside a brand new TCStore API as an In-Memory, persistent storage solution under the same Terracotta Server platform.

ehcache-blogEhcache Turns 3
Java’s most widely used and powerful caching solution Ehcache is now version 3. The new API leverages and extends Java’s defacto caching standard JSR-107 (JCache).

The new features and capabilities of Ehcache 3.x API will now let your application get more done more quickly and easily with performance enhancements up to 300% from its predecessor.operational-analytical

TCStore – An API built for future
TCStore API provides access to an aggregate-oriented, Key Value NoSQL store, built on top of a highly scalable distributed In-Memory Data storage platform. It leverages Java’s functional construct along with streams to provide an advance search and computation API for hybrid workloads, both operational and analytical, on the same platform.

Granular Read and Write settings
With the new TCStore API, you can now decide what read and write visibility you want to perform per operation allowing you to have more consistency control on the data which is being stored to and read from Terracotta DB.

tcstorage-flexible-dataTCStore Storage – Flexible Data model
The all-new TCStore storage engine adopts a wide columnar key value approach which is loosely schemed and strongly typed. This means you don’t need to predefine your schema for your application unlike classic RDBMS systems. You can adapt and enrich your data anytime as needed by your changing business needs.

advanced-search-and-computeAdvance search and compute
With a fluent Java API for composing complex queries, pipelines of operators with efficient evaluation, and well-known operators available like aggregation, mapping, sorting, filtering etc., your application queries can now be pushed down and executed on the server, thus providing significantly accelerated response times.


Distributed Storage – High Availability & Infinite Scalability
Built on top of the industry leading In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) platform “BigMemory”, Terracotta DB is also able to deliver BigMemory’s industry-leading combination of infinite scalability with predictable latency. The distributed server architecture is further improved by removing all inter-stripe communication within a cluster resulting in improved performance, and a pluggable architecture for future enhancements

Written by Shailen Prasad