Welcome to the next-generation in NoSQL data management!

Terracotta is an In-Memory data platform that supports hybrid translytical workloads, providing both caching and operational storage, as well as server-side analytical search and compute capabilities. A single, unified architecture that leverages the foundational technology used in BigMemory – our industry leading In-memory Data Grid (IMDG) – to offer blazingly-fast performance for combined operational and analytical processing.

It introduces an improved distributed Ehcache API based on the JSR 107 caching standard and a brand new TCStore API for storage and compute. Together, these APIs give developers the necessary tools to build real-time applications where latency, performance, and scalability are a necessity.

New capabilities across the platform include:

  • Access to an aggregate-oriented, Key Value NoSQL store
  • Stream-based data pipelines for search & compute
  • Advanced management, monitoring, and cluster setup for operational ease
  • New webMethods adapter for building microservices in Terracotta
  • Integration with Software AG’s Apama Streaming Analytics
  • Ability to build interactive dashboards on in-memory data powered by Software AG’s MashZone NextGen
  • Improved backup and restore functionality for operational support