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What is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a next-generation data management platform supporting hybrid translytical (operational and analytical data processing) workloads including caching and operational storage as well as server-side analytical search and compute capabilities. It provides a single, unified architecture that combines the power and convenience of a non-relational data store with the performance of Software AG’s fastest yet In-Memory data grid technology.

With over 2.1 million developers and 2.5 million deployments worldwide, the Terracotta data management platform is capable of driving even the most demanding real-time applications in use today.

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Getting Started

As an introduction to the Terracotta platform, we recommend you look at the white paper we’ve put together and you will also find the complete documentation here.

To help you get started, we’ve included some video tutorials and we’ll be adding to these as well as creating additional blogs to help you on your way to becoming an expert.

Instructional Videos

Installing with the Software AG Installer

This video provides a walkthrough of the steps and options available when installing Terracotta DB using the automated Software AG Installer.

Understanding the Terracotta Config File

This video provides a detailed look at the structure and contents of Terracotta’s TCConfig file.

Setting Up a Cluster using Cluster Tool

A short tutorial on using Cluster Tool to create and configure a simple cluster.

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Blog posts

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Terracotta – New product launched

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Examples of how customers are using Terracotta

A Fortune 300 Global Financial Group radically boosted performance of applications to save millions of dollars by flagging blacklisted credit cards faster. is powered by BigMemory to deliver a scalable and reliable solution that supports hundreds of thousands of concurrent users

Kiabi uses Terracotta to exceed customer expectations with its omni-channel retail operation, cutting website response times by two thirds in the process

CERN relies on Terracotta to achieve 99.99984 percent availability for its monitoring platform, while also reducing response times and increasing throughput