Terracotta: Hello In-memory, Goodbye Latency

What’s the big deal with in-memory databases? Well, imagine you run a bank and you want to know how today’s volatile marketplace is impacting your risk profile.

In the past, you would have had to rely on your disk-based database management systems; the query results would eventually return with an answer. In the meantime the market might have moved – maybe even a lot – and your answer is out of date.… Read More

Welcome to the all-new Terracotta community website

Hello and welcome to our brand new website!

With the launch of Terracotta, we thought the timing was right to usher in a new online experience, taking the opportunity to refocus terracotta.org on helping newcomers get started while continuing to support our existing developer community.

Having run the old site for many years, it was due for an upgrade! And after the joining the Software AG family, the more commercial content is better served through the corporate site which is now the best place to find resources like our latest customer stories, industry solutions, service offerings, and partner info.… Read More

Terracotta – New product launched

I’m excited to announce that Software AG has just launched Terracotta, a major new release that brings significant new capabilities to its In-Memory Data Management platform. It is a highly scalable, low latency, distributed In-Memory data store. It sets a new standard in its class by offering an already proven and widely used Ehcache API for all the caching needs alongside a brand new TCStore API as an In-Memory, persistent storage solution under the same Terracotta Server platform.… Read More