Scale Up and Scale Out

Keep ALL of your data—up to 100s of terabytes—instantly available in RAM distributed across any size server array.

Key Features

  • Distributed Caching with Ehcache : Easily distribute data across an application cluster using the ubiquitous Ehcache, backed by Terracotta Server - requires only a simple Ehcache configuration change.

  • Off-heap Data Storage : In-memory data storage is fast. Terracotta’s offheap technology lets you keep as much data in memory as you have RAM. Tested at 6TB RAM in a single process - with no GC pauses.

  • High Availability : Full fault-tolerance / fail-over capabilities deliver always-on uptime.

Open Source Licensing

Terracotta Public License

The open source Terracotta Server is licensed under the Terracotta Public License 2.0.

This is a very liberal license based upon the Mozilla Public License. Free for use, only requiring attribution when redistributing as part of a larger work.

Features Not Included in the Open Source edition of Terracotta Server

Terracotta 10.x (Terracotta Server 5.x)

  • Terracotta Management Console (TMC)

  • Security features (Authentication, Authorization, SSL)

  • Multi-stripe

  • Backup and restore

  • Fast restartable storage

Terracotta 4.x

  • Terracotta Management Server (TMS) - though REST interfaces are available for monitoring and management to OSS users

  • Terracotta Management Console (TMC)

  • Distributed search functionality

  • Fast Restartable Store (FRS)

  • Hybrid Store - leverage SSD Flash and NVM storage in addition to RAM

  • Security features (Authentication, Authorization)

  • Multi-stripe server array support